Automated SMS Marketing: 7 Benefits You Need To Know Immediately

Regardless of industry, automation can be a lifesaver. Automating your SMS marketing is no different.

It can reduce mistakes, save valuable and precious time, and boost productivity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup or a marketing mogul at a well-established company, these are universal perks. According to Intuit, automation can handle up to 40% of repetitive workplace tasks and prevent nearly 22 hours of wasted time per week.

Twenty-two extra hours a week? So that’s how Beyonce must do it…

If you want to meet consumers where they are, then SMS marketing is a must. In a roundup of statistics posted by Avochato, 9 out of 10 consumers want to communicate with businesses and brands via text message.

Overall, automated SMS marketing has a lot of advantages, but we outlined seven we consider “must-know” if you want to market your business like a BOSS!

1. Timely and Efficient:

Automated SMS marketing allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to large groups of people in a timely and efficient manner. Remember those stats from Intuit we shared above? Saving time and being efficient is important for you and your consumers. It saves them time too!

2. Low Effort:

Since you don’t have to send every text individually, it reduces the amount of effort each campaign can take. You can have it all!

3. Consistency:

It’s key. By automating your SMS marketing, you can schedule when your communications go out to consumers. You can target them when they’re most likely to engage with your messaging and keep consumers up to date with sales, promotions, and important information. With automation, you don’t have to worry about remembering your communication schedule. You can set it and forget it.

4. Cost-Effective:

Automation is a common feature of SMS marketing platforms. You won’t need to purchase additional tools or services to utilize this feature, making it a more cost-effective solution. 

5. Decrease Errors:

Everyone makes mistakes. However, mistakes like spelling someone’s name wrong can be detrimental to your marketing strategy. With automation, you can take the time needed to proofread and triple-check your messages before they go live. Imagine doing that with every single text message individually…you don’t have time for that! By automating your SMS campaign, you’ve given yourself time back, so there’s no need to rush the proofreading part of the process. 

6. Instant Communication:

By automating, you are able to connect with your consumers instantly. You won’t need someone on standby at 2 A.M. to communicate with the night owls, but they still get effective personalized communication. Automation helps you cater to your consumer’s needs, whatever they may be, without sacrificing your efficiency.

7. Don’t Miss A Beat:

The consumer journey is an important part of an effective marketing strategy. With automation, you can ensure that you aren’t missing a single step of that journey. You can guarantee that effective communication is being served to your customers from point A to point Z without wasting the resources you would have if you did it manually.

SMS Messaging is an effective part of any marketing strategy, and by taking it up a notch with automation, you’ll communicate with your audience like a BOSS.