work: like a Boss!

You’ve seen the growth of US companies coming to Costa Rica, including Vmware, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Mckinsey, Sykes, DXC technology, Concentrix, Tek Experts, Experian, Procter & Gamble, and you want in! Or you’ve BEEN at these companies and you’re looking for an opportunity to have greater impact and the flexibility of a startup!

perks & benefits

  • Asynchronous Work
  • Hybrid Work
  • Annual Retreats
  • Work Life Juggling Experts
  • Family First
  • Micro Lending in Costa Rica 
  • 501c3 in Costa Rica
  • Weekly & Monthly Meetups
  • Flexible PTO
  • Insurances/Retirement
  • Career Development

our values

  • Be a Linchpin

Be irreplaceable, the one who makes the difference, the one we have to rebuild the company without.

  • Make Art

Everyone is an artist. You’re not here for meetings, or even the foosball. You’re here to make art with fellow artists.

  • Give a Damn

We choose “Give a Damn,” over “Care a lot,” because we mean it with all of our hearts. We give a damn about almost everything and that intense passion is a key driver for delivery of world-changing technologies.

  • Win

We’re a Team of fierce competitors, bent on winning our market and changing the world while maintaining the utmost integrity.