Like a BOSS!

You’ve seen the growth of US companies coming to Costa Rica, including Vmware, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Mckinsey, Sykes, DXC technology, Concentrix, Tek Experts, Experian, Procter & Gamble, and you want in! Or you’ve BEEN at these companies and you’re looking for an opportunity to have greater impact and the flexibility of a startup!

& Benefits

  • Asynchronous Work
  • Hybrid Work
  • Annual Retreats
  • Work Life Juggling Experts
  • Family First
  • Micro Lending in Costa Rica
  • 501c3 in Costa Rica
  • Weekly & Monthly Meetups
  • Flexible PTO
  • Insurance/Retirement
  • Career Development

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs to achieve data-driven success by connecting diverse and distinct business tools via a single, automated Business Operating Smart Solution (BOSS).

Be a Linchpin

Be irreplaceable, the one who makes the difference, the one we have to rebuild the company without

Make Art

Everyone is an artist. You’re not here for meetings, or even the foosball. You’re here to make art with fellow artists.

Give a Damn

We choose “Give a Damn,” over “Care a lot,” because we mean it with all of our hearts. That intense passion is a key driver for delivery a world-changing technologies


We’re a Team of fierce competitors, bent on winning our market and changing the world while mantaining the utmost integrity


Country Manager

“Working at BOSS.Tech has been a truly wonderful experience. Being part of such a dedicated and talented group of people and working for leaders like Felicite and Ryan, who are not only extremely accomplished but are also amazing human beings, has been such a breath of fresh air. Also, working on a project with such an enormous potential and with such a powerful mission makes this truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I couldn’t think of working for any other company and I hope this is only the beginning of many years to come!”