Why BOSS Tech

One of the biggest challenges our Teams faced at our prior startups was having all the business data in all the places we needed it to easily deliver meaningful and actionable information and instruction across the company. Just like the last platform and category we created, upgrading and connecting disparate, outdated systems provided a pioneering digital transformation with an unparalleled return on investment. If we can do that with the constraints and headaches of hardware (hardware is hard) and the Internet of Things, the opportunity ahead of us in software and Web 3.0 is nearly unfathomable.


To empower entrepreneurs to achieve data-driven success by connecting diverse and distinct business tools via a single, automated Business Operating Smart Solution (BOSS).

Be irreplaceable, the one who makes the difference, the one we have to rebuild the company without.


make ART

Everyone is an artist. You’re not here for meetings, or even the foosball. You’re here to make art with fellow artists.

We choose “Give a Damn,” over “Care a lot,” because we mean it with all of our hearts. That intense passion is a key driver for delivery of world-changing technologies.

give a DAMN


We’re a Team of fierce competitors, bent on winning our market and changing the world while maintaining the utmost integrity.

the team

who we are

We’re serial entrepreneurs. Our most recent exit was STRATIS IoT, a SaaS Platform to connect diverse and distinct building automation hardware and software via a single, automated Smart Solution. Sound familiar? We’re ready to do it again – without the hardware!

We’ve achieved success in life and we want to achieve significance. We want to change the world and we care about our legacy. We believe entrepreneurship is a better, faster way to success and significance, especially for underrepresented persons. Our Vision for BOSS.Tech is “Equity via Entrepreneurship.”

The Deets: We’re category creating, technology thought leaders. We’ve provided 10x return to early investors and doubled revenue for seven years straight while primarily bootstrapped. Our company was named a top ten “Best Company in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked in the top twenty percent of Inc Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies” three consecutive years prior to acquisition.