6 Business Types Benefitting From Automated SMS Marketing Right Now

SMS (short message service) marketing can be hard to avoid nowadays. And that’s for a good reason: It’s an effective tool that lends itself to a holistic marketing strategy. Adding another layer to your marketing campaign might seem daunting. You’re already on social media, and you already send email blasts. You have paid ads and a sleek website. Do you really need something else on top of that, automated or not? Will your business even benefit from it? Do you have time for it?

The short answer to those questions is yes.
The long answer to those questions is 100% yes.

Especially if you opt for automated SMS marketing instead of doing it manually, it offers numerous benefits, including saving you and your team a lot of time while still offering a great experience.

A refresher on what SMS marketing is:

SMS marketing can be done manually or automatically. It’s a text message that is sent in response to a specific trigger or action, usually automatically. These messages can be used for various purposes, like confirming a purchase, providing updates on an order, or reminding a customer of an upcoming appointment. They’re often used by businesses to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and streamline communication.

It may seem like SMS marketing is only beneficial to certain industries. However, many people benefit from SMS marketing. It’s a versatile tool that can fit into your marketing strategy with ease.

6 Business Types That Benefit from SMS Marketing

1. Travel Industry:

Travel alerts, flight updates, deals. All of these can be communicated through automated bulk texting. Automated text messaging can be used to improve customer service, increase sales, and streamline communication with clients and customers.

2. Healthcare providers:

By using automated text messaging, health professionals can remind patients of appointments, send test results, and provide health-related information. It is a quick and easy way to keep patients up to date, even if they are away from their computer or can’t answer a phone call.

3. Educational institutions:

Schools have a lot of information they need to communicate on a regular basis to students, parents, and even teachers. Students and parents can be notified of school closures, upcoming events, and other important information through automated text messages sent by schools. And what teacher wouldn’t love to wake up to a snow day text?

4. Non-profits:

Non-profits can easily benefit from adding bulk texting to their marketing strategies. Fundraising campaigns and upcoming events can be communicated to donors with automated text messages.

5. Government agencies:

Email campaigns and local signage aren’t always the best way to convey information to the public. Public alerts and notifications can be sent via automated text messaging, including weather warnings, and emergency notifications.

6. E-commerce:

Of course, one of the earliest adopters of bulk texting was e-commerce, which is still a great marketing tool. Online retailers can use automated text messages to confirm orders, inform customers about shipping statuses, and alert them to special offers.

Overall, automated text messaging can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to communicate with a large group of people quickly and efficiently. Add automated bulk texting to your marketing strategy and reach your customers like a BOSS.