9 Reasons Automated Text Messages Are Better Than Email Marketing

credit: one photo/Shutterstock

Whether you’re just starting a business or have been in the game for years, you know how important marketing is. You also know that not all marketing is created equal, and some tactics are more effective than others. Times change, and with new technologies always emerging, keeping up with your customers can be hard. While email campaigns have been an effective tool in the past, depending on your customer base, there may be more effective ways to meet them where they are. One of those ways? Automated text messages. 

Now, we don’t want to discredit email marketing entirely. There are still some great benefits, and it can be an effective part of a holistic marketing strategy. But chances are, if you are only emailing your customers and you aren’t texting them, you could be missing out on leads. 

Bulk texting, whether done manually or automated, may feel daunting. But there are some serious benefits to easing off your email campaigns and switching to SMS messaging. 

9 Reasons Why Automated Text Messaging Is Better Than Email

1. Immediacy:

Text messages are like getting a love letter from your crush, while emails are like getting a chain letter from your grandma. Harsh but true. 46% of American smartphone users think they spend about 4-5 hours on their smartphones. The odds are good that their phones are already in their hands, so why not send them a message their more likely to see right away?

2. Personalization:

Emails can be personalized, sure. But texting in and of itself feels more personalized. Something about getting a mass email blast feels colder than a text. By personalizing your automated text blasts, you can send people the offers and information they really want. And it will be right at their fingertips. Let’s face it, text messages feel like getting a hand-written note, while emails feel like getting a mass-produced brochure. 

3. Interactivity:

When it comes to interactivity, text messages are to a game of ping pong, as emails are to a game of solitaire. It’s far easier to have interactions (whether automated or not) with texts than with emails. Surveys feel more interactive, and appointment confirmations feel more like calling the office than checking a box.

4. Convenience:

Since about 98% of Americans across all generations have a smartphone, texting just makes sense. There is a good reason why it is such a popular form of communication. Forbes estimates that 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide on a daily basis. They are easy to send, receive, and answer and take far less effort than email. Text messages are like having a personal assistant in your pocket, while emails are like having a personal assistant stuck at a desk. Which do you prefer?

5. Attention-grabbing:

If emails are a scheduled conference call, then text messages are a surprise party. Marketing is all about grabbing attention. Think about how many bulk emails you receive daily and have been sent daily for the last decade or so. You’re likely desensitized to them, and if you’re desensitized to them, you can bet your customers are too.

6. Opt-in:

Text marketing makes customers feel like they have more agency over what marketing messages they are receiving. How many emails do you get from brands and businesses daily that you don’t remember ever signing up for? If you opt into one type of email list, you’re likely added to more distribution lists at that company that you didn’t opt in to. Customers have to opt-in to receive text messages, which means they are more likely to be interested in hearing from you.

7. Cost-effective:

Who doesn’t want to save money? Especially on their marketing? The advantages of text messaging are similar to those of grocery store discounts, while the disadvantages of email marketing campaigns are similar to paying full price for a fancy meal. Per message, bulk texts will likely cost you less in time and energy, as well as monetarily, than email campaigns. Of course, this depends on what services you use.

8. Time-sensitive:

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? Okay, inbox zero; how many of those have you actually read? Exactly. 95% of texts are opened within three minutes of receipt, while 83% of emails are opened within 48 hours (and the remaining 17% take longer than that.)  Text messages are like a reminder to take out the trash before the garbage truck comes, while emails are like a reminder to take out the trash…next week.

9. Saturation:

Compared to other marketing channels, SMS marketing is still fairly low-saturated. This means you are competing with fewer businesses for the attention of your customers on that channel. Instead of drowning in a spam folder with hundreds of expired email campaigns, you could be a part of a much smaller, more curated handful of promotional texts a person receives every day.