What is BOSS Tech and WHY are we making it?

One of the biggest challenges our Team faced at our prior startups was having all the business data in all the places we needed it to easily deliver meaningful and actionable information and instruction across the company. Just like the last platform and category we created, upgrading and connecting disparate, outdated systems provided a pioneering digital transformation with an unparalleled return on investment. If we can do that with the constraints and headaches of hardware (hardware is hard) and the Internet of Things, the opportunity in software and Web 3.0 is nearly unfathomable.

BOSS (Business Operating Smart Solution) Tech is the answer to every entrepreneur’s problem, and that’s a market and market size we’re excited to address. It’ll get us out of bed in the morning, and we’re betting on some serious attraction of some serious investors. BOSS Tech is the first and only Business Operating Smart Solution empowering entrepreneurs to embrace Web 3.0 as it is intended: openly yet securely, distributed yet authenticated, and streamlined and automated for meaningful data-driven efficacy. BOSS Tech was created by multi-exit technology entrepreneurs to enable their own startups and is the business operating system enabling AI, AR/VR, and Blockchain (Crypto) for Web 3.0. BOSS Tech disrupts current disparate, outdated systems, to leapfrog our clients’ competitors.