emPOWERing entrepreneurs

BOSS.Tech is a Business Operating System SuperApp that empowers entrepreneurs to achieve AI-enabled, data driven success.


It's hard to successfully run a business with multiple platforms

One of the biggest challenges our Teams faced at our prior startups was having all the business data in all the places we needed it to easily deliver meaningful and actionable information and instruction across the company. So – we set out to fix the problem


BOSS.Tech integrates with your favorite Business solutions

BOSS.Tech is the first and only Business Operating Smart Solution empowering entrepreneurs to be the boss of something new: their data. BOSS.Tech creates a data lake of truth by synchronizing to and with the SaaS platforms that run their business, enabling and automating integrated metrics on their entire company’s operations.

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What Are Others Saying?

Stephanie POLL.Tech

We’ve worked with BOSS.Tech since the mutual inception of our companies. Even prior to participating in the BETA test of the BOSS.Tech app we increased our revenue 10x and Team size 4x through their business consulting division. Since testing the application, we’ve decided to not only use the app to run our business but to develop our own BOSS Tech mini-app to offer others.

Meghan Charter Tech

We started working with Boss.Tech to develop an app idea that was far beyond our depth of understanding. Not only did they help us develop and design the app, they created new technology to allow our antiquated industry a much-needed tech upgrade! We look forward to launching in the next few months!

Ashana The Fallser Club

BOSS.Tech is the perfect tool for communications with our community and clients! Our email open rates were declining despite hiring an outside agency to assist us! Texting people increased attendance and overall engagement and is easier and more intuitive than emailing software, so it also saved us time!

Serving Multiple Industries